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Washing Machine for Condo Living

Doing the laundry is one of the most time consuming and demanding household chores. Thanks to the washing machine, doing laundry has been made 90% easier. Because of the convenience that this appliance has afforded people, washing machines had become a standard appliance at home. If this is especially true for people in the urban areas, who do not want to be tied up doing chores and rather spend precious time to more productive works, how much more is this true to condominium dwellers.
In most cases, condominium buildings offer laundry provider services in a designated area where residents go and do their laundry. These automatic laundry services are coin operated or for rent. In which case, it may be possible that said condo building doesnt allow residents to have their own washing machines in their units as there are no provisions designed for the plumbing and drainage. However, there are condo units where provisions for installing washing machines are permitted. In which case, residents are allowed to have their own washing machines and do their laundry in their own units.

When buying a washing machine for ones condo unit, there are a couple of things that one should consider. After checking the drainage and plumbing provisions for the laundry area of the condo unit, the best way to know what type and size of the washing machine to buy is to ask the building administrator or management. They most likely can recommend the type and brand of washing machine that can fit and can address the requirements of the building.

The size of the washing machine is critical because of the limited space area in the condominium unit. A quiet washing machine is also important because washing machines may cause noise that can be nuisance to your neighbors. A strong dryer is also important because there could be limited space for sun drying your clothes. Besides, hanging your clothes out to dry can be an eyesore which may not be allowed in the condo premises.

Doing laundry for condo living is a little difficult because there are a lot of rules and regulations that residents should strictly follow unlike in ordinary homes where one can do your laundry and hang your clothes anywhere you want. As an added suggestion, condo dwellers should be conscious as well in doing green laundry by using biodegradable plant-based detergents and washing only full loads to save on water. While condo residents may have the money to pay for using electricity and using more water, they should also make their fair share in conserving energy and water for the future of the world.

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