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Vivida Terraces Condominium – Quezon City

Located in K-J ST., Kalayaan Extension in West Kamias, Quezon City, Vivida Terraces Condominium is the first even affordable residential building that allows its residents to live life to the fullest. As its name literally implies, Vivida Terraces condo offers luxurious amenities in very reasonable and affordable prices to cater to the equally hardworking ordinary man.

The strategic location of Vivida Terraces Condominium makes it an ideal place to stay because it is proximate the different institutions that one needs to go such as shopping and entertainment centers, health care institutions, academic institutions as well as major transport lines that allows people to travel conveniently. Thus, Vivida Terraces Condo allows one to be adjacent to everything that matters, while maintaining the peacefulness of a quiet home.

The Vivida Terraces Condominium features a special architectural design marked by a towering central atrium. An indoor garden creates the refreshing ambiance within the edifice while the Atrium ensures natural ventilation and lighting for the structure. From every floor, anyone can saunter onto the corridors and gape up or down onto a central tropical garden.

The 16- storey Vivida Terraces Condominium has two basements. There are 28 – 30 units per floor. There are studio type, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units available. Each unit is installed with its own balcony. The ground floor is reserved for commercial spaces, which will further provide convenience to the residents.

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