Asiana Oasis Condominium Paranaque

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Asiana Oasis Condominium Paranaque is a residential community development comprised by four midrise (five-storey) buildings to be located at the Ephesus St., Multinational Village, ParaƱaque. The development will adhere to a Zen-inspired theme which evokes a sense of relaxation and inner peace, the qualities that a person exactly wants to search for in a home.

The Zen inspired community will sets a landscape of peace and harmony that will allow residents to connect with nature and their inner selves. Asiana Oasis Condominium theme will be partially achieved through carless open spaces by the construction of underground roads and basement parking lots, the interplay of light earth tones that provide the visual shades of color of the buildings as well as the low density development to restrict the number of people and ensure the exclusivity of the community.

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