Manhattan Garden City: Keeping You Closer to Nature

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Manhattan Garden City is a place for people who are always on the go. Living in this plush condominium is exactly like living in New York only better because everything is much closer to nature.

The Developer
Manhattan Garden City is a project by Araneta Center and Megaworld Corporation. Megaworld has been in the industry for 22 years, since they started in August 1989. They have the experience when it comes to creating various types of developments for different purposesóresidential, commercial, entertainment, and scholastic purposes. They have also won several awards for their excellence in business management. Through the years, Megaworld has continued to grow its business by targeting mid-income families and families that can afford luxurious properties. This transition in target market has been smooth and can be seen in their other project in Eastwood City and, the most recent development, New Port City.

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