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Table Means

When he wants to use spoon and fork, place the food in a small bowl so that he can push the bit of food against the side of the bowl and thus be able to pick it up with the spoon. The child will no longer want to take a nap in the morning but he will become sleepy during lunchtime so it is advisable to give him his lunch early.

He can join the family at the table for meals which may consist of tile following
7 a.m. – Breakfast: fruit in season, crispy pinipig with milk or toasted bread soaked in milk, and a soft-boiled egg (never fried).
10 a.m. – Orange or calamansi juice with a piece of cracker.
11 a.m. – Lunch of rice, broth with vegetables (chopped), ground meatball, banana, a bit of candy.
3 p.m. – Merienda of glass of milk with a small sandwich.
7 p.m. – Supper of rice, broth with vegetables or an egg, mashed yellow camote with a little milk and sugar.

Glass of milk before going to bed.

It is desirable and convenient to the child to develop good eating habits at an early stage.

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