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Swire Elan Suites Condotel Greenhills

The Swire Elan Suites condo-hotel is located at number 49 Annapolis Street, Greenhill’s San Juan Metro Manila. The owner, developer and operational brains of the residential suites are none other than the Swire Land Corporation. Swire Elan Suites Condotel is the first and only Hotel and Residential Suites in the busy property of Greenhill’s Shopping Center.

Staying in a hotel like Swire Elan Suites Condotel is such a wonderful experience and most memorable pace of life one has to cherries and love. Staying in Swire Elan Suites while doing the shopping outside the place gives the conveniences and luxuries of time the place has to offer. Either just by staying for a couple of months or stay for good is truly an amazing experience. For the visitors who looked for a place to stay while vacationing or wandering the country can enjoy their stay and relax for the services and conveniences the Swire Elan Suites offers.

Swire Elan Suite condominium in Greenhills offers the comfort and style a condominium has to offer to their client. Every room in the building gives the best and reasonable price for the buyer. The studio type of unit in Swire Elan Suites gives an area of 24-49sqm amounting to P2.2m good for 1 to 2 person depending on the type of person stays, because if he/she a loner this the right choice for him/her, for a 1 bedroom type of unit with an area of 39-58sqm has an amount ranging to P3.7m up, 2 bedrooms good enough for having a family and for the extended family has an area of 64-125sqm with surely double the price of the studio type, the 2 bedrooms cost more or less P5.8sqm. Prices of the units may vary depending on the type of payment the buyer may consider using, the cash payment has a lot of freebies and discount given for them.

When it comes to facilities, building features and amenities the Swire Elan Suites gives the most suitable and enjoyable services. For the building it has a 6- level basement parking, has an space for commercial purposes which are for lease, the high speed elevator are very convenient to use, the standby power generators are on their respective places in case they are needed, there’s also the advanced fire protection and life safety system. For the amenities itself, the roof-deck pool can be a great place to stay while enjoying the cold water of the pool, and sipping the favorites drinks and food at the poolside bar and grill. Gym and spa sections of the amenities are best outlet for the health buff individuals. For those who wanted to play the billiards, there’s an area provided for them at the billiard hall, asking some help regarding studies needs to research and doing the homework the study library can be use anytime. Other facilities in the building can be utilizing just make sure to use them with proper care and guidance to enjoy the rest of the residents.

Choosing a place to stay in the Metro is very important especially safety and protection is concern. That is why the Swire Elan Suites Condotel is the right choice.

Swire Elan Suites Condo Amenities:

  • Roof-deck pool
  • Poolside bar & grill
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Billiard hall
  • Study library
  • Child care center
  • Indoor playground
  • Indoor waterfalls

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