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Suggested Nursing Position

The best nursing position is lying down with two pillows to prop you up. Or sit down on a comfortable chair (the rocking chair is better), holding your baby in your arms.

Relax and rest while nursing your baby. Offer one breast first and let the baby suck for 8 to 10 minutes, then offer the other breast. It will take the baby more time to empty the second breast. Both breasts must be emptied or they will be painfully gorged and less milk will be produced because there will be less room for it.

If the baby falls asleep before he is fully satisfied or before the breast he is sucking is completely emptied, tap one of his feet or pinch his cheeks gently to awaken him.

If the baby fails to empty both breasts despite all your efforts to make him continue to suck, it may be necessary to express the milk by hand or by using a breast pump (mamador). Ask a nurse to show you the right technique in letting the milk out your engorged breasts without too much pain.

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