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Steam Iron Care Tips

Wearing well ironed clothes is necessary for one to look presentable and neat. Crumpled clothes do not look good. A person wearing crumpled clothes looks untidy and unkempt. This is precisely why ironing clothes is a must. The use iron is the traditional way flattening wrinkles in clothes. Many different kinds of iron go out in the market today. They differ in terms of electrical consumption, light weight, and easy handling and operation among others. Steam iron is one of the most neglected appliances at home. After using, people usually just leave the iron in a place where it is allowed to cool off. Hereunder are quick tips to take care of your steam iron so that one can use for a longer time.

Using the right kind of water in the steam iron is important. Tap water in the faucets alone contains minerals that build flakes that in due time might ruin the steam iron. Minerals of water will form on the steam iron surface. This happens because only water is converted to vapor while the other minerals stay stuck inside the iron. To prevent this, it would be advisable to use distilled water instead. This may be a little more costly but it sure will allow one to use your appliance for a longer time.

After using the iron steam, unplug and rinse it after it cooled-off. Donít let water stay in the iron, even for a short period like overnight. In cleaning the steam iron, use the remaining water to rinse it and let it dry. Water in the steam iron usually turns brown in color after use. This is because of the minerals in the water. To remove the brown pigment, pour a solution of water with vinegar in the iron and heat it up to loosen and remove the brown pigments.

Cleaning the soleplate of the iron is also critical preserve and prevents it from early wear and tear. In cleaning the soleplate, just heat the iron on low setting then turn it off immediately. Rinse the area with clothe and baking soda. Rub the soleplate until small particles disappeared. And then wipe the exterior side with a clean cloth and let it dry for a minute or so.

Finally, using a pressing cloth is also important while using the iron. The pressing clothe has two fold function, it guards the clothes from direct heat and contact and it prevents iron from swelling on the soleplate. The pressing cloth must have it vents open and free from any other materials that can cause buildup on the steam iron. The pressing cloth should also be replaced once a month to prevent it from accumulating dirt.

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