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SM Green Residences Condo Taft DLSU

SM Green Residences will be the most newest and classy condominium residential units that will rise on the Taft Avenue beside Dela Salle University in Metro Manila Philippines. A great stay for the students and professional who wanted to feel at home even staying in the busy streets of Metro Manila. Aside from renting a bed space or a unit within the area why not own a secured free condo unit of SM Green Residences condominium.

The Project and developer of the condominium building is the SMDC Green Residences. It has a 50 storey residential unit with commercial stores like supermarket, restaurants, and coffee shops at the ground floor of the building, for the residents to stay without the hassle of going out in the vicinity of the area. Have a 7 level podium, 42 residential floors, 1 sky lounge and 25 meter pool. Staying in SM Green Residences condo is like living in a five star hotel like place, especially for the students studying within the area of Taft Avenue. Well known schools are located within the area such as the De La Salle University, St. Scholastica College, and La Salle College of St. Benilde.

SM Green Residences offers different condo units available to choose from and to fit the needs of the buying public, for the studio type unit has an area of 15.65 sqm, 1-bedroom has an area of 23.47 sqm and 28.19 sqm to 35.28 sqm or for the combine units of two to have a bigger area and can accommodate the whole family.

The prices for the units are very affordable for the buying public to select from, prices ranges from P1.4M and up. For the studio unit introductory price is P1.4M to P1.6M, for the one bedroom type worth P1.7M to P2M, for the 3-bedroom type worth P2.499M to P2.6M. Prices for every unit vary depending on the selected choice of the buyer. Prices are subject to change without the prior notice of the management. There is an affordable reservation fee which cost P25, 000, there’s also an easy payment offers for the soon buyers of the units, even the down payment can divide for up to 36 months. The SM Green Residences Taft offer the best easy payment scheme in town.

Amenities of the area can compare to the line up five star hotels in Metro Manila. The penthouse area of the floor is solely for study area with free WIFI access and in-house library system. It has a separate active area or game zone, has a function room, podium parking, 12 elevators, u type design of the building, lap and wading pool. Amenities of the building can be found at the 8th floor of the building. SM Green Residences are the best place for a luxurious place to live in the center of the city of Metro Manila. Construction of the Green Residences start date is on 1st quarter of 2012. The turn over target will be on the 1st half of 2016.

SM Green Residences Condo Taft Amenities:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Function Rooms
  • Game Rooms
  • Study Rooms
  • Multi-purpose open areas
  • SaveMore Market
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shop

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