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Sea Breeze Verandas: Getting What You Deserve

Sea Breeze Verandas is a low rise condominium building being offered by Ayala Land, Inc. You will have a complete view of the mountains and the sea as it is located along the highest ridge in Anvaya Cove. Itís about 120 meters above sea level so you can just imagine what the weather is like. This is definitely a place were you can relax and have a good time.

The Location
Sea Breeze Verandas condo in Anvaya Cove is strategically located in Morong, Bataan. Itís about 2.5 hours from Manila via SCTEX and 20 minutes away from the Subic Freeport Zone. Since it is located in Anvaya Cove, there are so many things that you can do inside. Thereís the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Camp for people who love to do outdoor activities. Restaurants that offer different types of cuisine are also available to be able to satisfy oneís palette. Since Subic is just a few minutes away, you can have unlimited access to Duty Free so you can enjoy all your imported chocolates and snacks. Not to mention the fact that there are other activities that you can inside the Freeport Zone. Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Wildlife are just some of the places that you and your kids can visit to be able to enjoy your bonding moments together.

The Developer
Ayala Land Inc. is the developer behind this creatively crafted beautiful Sea Breeze Verandas condo. This condominium has definitely raised the bar in terms of condo living and how it should be designed to cater to every personís preference. They are known in the business for building communities that is full of class and the elegant designs that they have are pretty awesome. They have really earned the respect and trust of the people thus making them one of the most sought after developers of this generation.

Building Features and Amenities

  • You can be sure that you family is safe and protected at all times because they have security features like no other. They have roving guards 24/7 so as to make sure that every unit owner has the ample protection that they deserve.
  • Beautifully created landscaped gardens are a sight to behold. You will definitely feel relaxed just by looking at the garden and it can give you the peace and serenity that you are looking for.
  • A swimming pool is provided for the tenants so you wonít have to go that far just to enjoy your dip in the pool. Kids and adults alike can just savor each and every moment that they have when they hang out in the pool area.

Unit Options

  • A one bedroom unit measures 67 sqm with a veranda that measures 12 sqm. Itís currently priced between P6M to P9M.
  • Two bedrooms are priced between P12M to P16M with a floor area of 98 sqm. The veranda is about 22 sqm to give you the extra space that you need.
  • Sea Breeze Verandas also offers 4 bedroom lofts that measures 209 sqm with a veranda size of 42 sqm. The current price for this loft is P30M.

Sea Breeze Verandas may be a bit pricey but this is definitely a place for people who love to combine relaxation with pleasure. The price is reasonable enough given the fact that there are so many things that you can do in this particular place. Sea Breeze Verandas in Anvaya Cove is definitely a place were you can retire. So, call an agent now and ask how you can avail of the units being offered by Sea Breeze Verandas condo.

Sea Breeze Verandas Amenities:

  • Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club
  • Chapel
  • View Pavillions
  • Natureís camp
  • Beach Area
  • Golf Course
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Fire detection & alarm system
  • Gated enclave with dedicated security

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