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Rundown Cost of Having a Baby

Itís not news to you that baby costs have been spiraling upward. We’ll give you a rundown cost of having a baby. Starting from the time you were confirmed positive in your pregnancy test.

Biggest expense of all is of course, hospital care. Delivery room, nursery room charges, and other items count as “extras.”

If the birth is complicated, if the baby is born with special problems calling for surgery, extensive transfusion, or other special treatment, or if the birth involves caesarian section, the hospital part of the cost could skyrocket. Today about one in twenty babies is born by caesarian section involving an average hospital stay of eight days, versus four for a normal delivery.

If you have twins, this obviously will greatly increase your hospital bills. Or you may require expensive extra drugs and medications somewhere along the line.

Next biggest cost is the layette for the baby. The layette includes a basic wardrobe for the baby plus a full range of nursery items, baby furniture, bathing equipment, etc.

Third biggest item is medical care – covering an obstetrician’s services, usually offered as a complete package, through the delivery and hospital stay; plus a circumcision fee; plus the cost of a pediatrician’s newborn baby care while the baby is in the hospital.

Finally, the cost of a typical maternity wardrobe. You may well decide you need more than two everyday dresses and more than one dress-up over the five- to six-month period when you will need special maternity clothes.

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