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Reminders When Buying Your Child Toys

Generally, baby toys…

– Must be non-toxic materials
– Have no sharp or rough points or edges
– Should have no small parts that could be lodged in baby’s throat, ears, or nose
– Are not made of glass or brittle, breakable plastic
– Have no electrical parts
– Have no parts that could entrap a little one’s fingers, toes or hands
– Should be suitable for the age of the child
– Should have a surface that can easily be cleansed
– Should have a durable surface
– Should be strong enough to withstand weather conditions and/or hard usage
– Should be non-flammable
– Can be used for more than one purpose by more than one child such as bouncing balls
– Should stimulate child curiosity and interest (i.e., bulky legos)
– Should develop muscle coordination (i.e., kiddie bikes)

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