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Refrigerator Most Common Problems

One’s refrigerator is the most over used appliance in the house. It is always on 24 hours a day seven days a week. In its lifetime, chances are the only time when the refrigerator is turned off to rest for a while is when itís defrosted for cleaning and maintenance, which is many instances is not a regular undertaking for most of us. However, refrigerators are machines that apparently are subjected to wear and tear. They can leak and loose their abilities to lower temperature, to free or to make ice. Here under are some common problems of refrigerators and tips to diagnose its problem.

When the ref does not function and there is no light in ref compartment, it is a clear indication that there is no electrical power getting in the appliance. Check if there is a temporary power interruption or if the AC outlet is not plugged. If it is plugged, either the outlet is defective or the appliance plug or cord. When the ref does not function and there is light in the ref compartment, the possible defective parts of the ref could be the thermostat (temp controller), defrost timer, start relay or the compressor. If the ref runs and there is no light in the compartment, then the light bulb must be dead and needs replacement.

If the defrost terminator or timer is defective, the ref will not operate after it was defrosted. However, if it was not defrosted, but simply runs without cooling, either the refrigerant needs to be charged or the compressor needs to be replaced. If its cooling insufficiently, possible defects could be on the evaporator fan, defrost timer, compressor or condenser. In some instances, the condenser simply needs to be cleaned because of too much accumulated dirt. Insufficient cooling can also be attributed to poor door seal, which allows cold air to get out of the ref. It may also be possible that the ref door is always being opened or the item (food) placed in the ref is so warm. On the other hand, If the ref running too cold despite adjusting temperature, then the thermostat must be damaged.

Two other common problems of refs included the sweating on the exteriors and continuous noise coming from its mechanism. In case of the former, the sweating can be caused by a bad door seal, where the cold temperature coming out condenses the vapor at the surface of the ref. This could also be caused by heater defect in the door channel, which causes vapor in the surroundings to condense in the relatively colder door channel of the ref. On the other hand, unwarranted noise of the ref can be caused by different factors. One common factor is the appliance is not placed leveled on the floor thatís why it vibrates causing the noise. In some cases, the defrost water pan at the bottom of the unit is not properly positioned causing the sound. Another cause of noises is a defective fan either in the condenser or in the evaporator. Still, if that is not the case, then there could be a problem on oneís internal compressor. Finally, water leaks inside or outside the ref can be ascribed to a problem in its drainage system. In most instances, there are debris that get stuck in the drain passage the restrict water to fall on the water pan.

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