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Post-Natal Examination

Your doctor will schedule a post-natal examination usually about six weeks after your baby’s birth to ensure that your body has returned to its normal state. It is important that you attend to it.

The first month after delivery, avoid heavy work and lifting. Mild exercise and light housework are permissible, however. Doctors advise that you avoid marital relations for at least six weeks after giving birth.

Cleanliness is important. Continue to take sponge baths or showers. Your doctor will advise you about vaginal douching and personal hygiene. Discharge usually appears in 3 to 4 weeks after delivery, and gradually becomes colorless. If bleeding continues after the second week, notify your doctor about this.

If you do not breast-feed, you will probably begin menstruating normally again within five to six weeks after Baby is born. Lf you do, you may not have a period during the entire nursing time, although some women do.

If you are breast-feeding your baby, clean your nipples before and after each feeding with boiled water. During lactation, the breasts become tense and hard and may cause you some discomfort, but wearing a good nursing brassiere can relieve this.

If you are breast-feeding, your proper diet will be the same as during pregnancy. You should still eat plenty of eggs, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of milk. Avoid rich or spicy foods, garlic and onions, and alcoholic beverages. An increase in your intake of water, fruit juices and fruits will help prevent constipation, which is common in the first week or two after delivery. If this problem occurs, do not take harsh laxatives, and consult your doctor if it persists.

Regaining Your Figure
After the birth of your baby, it is recommended that you do some exercises to help regain your body’s normal shape. It is usually safe to begin about six weeks after Baby is born. However, exercises should not be attempted without your doctor’s approval, especially if they’re high-impact exercises.

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