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Oven and Gas Range Cleaning Tips

Ovens and gas ranges. If grease or food spills on exteriors, use sudsy cloth, followed by damp cloth. Clean bottom of fry-pans, etc. after use to avoid grease build-up. Use steel wool pads with dishwashing liquid for stubborn grease. Do not use alkalis such as baking soda or chlorine bleach on aluminum.

The reflector bowls (also called drip pans) beneath the burners should be kept shiny and clean. Besides giving the stove a nice finished appearance, they are designed to evenly reflect heat back up to the pot or pan.

Yellow flames in a gas stove are an indication of a problem. Flames should always be blue. Yellow flames will give off more fumes and may present a health hazard.

Oven door seals become stiff with age and eventually need to be replaced. To test your seals, close the door on a pesos bill (with the oven off). Then tug on the pesos bill. If it slips out easily, the seals should be replaced. Faulty seals waste energy, make the kitchen overly hot, and cause uneven cooking.

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