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Microwave Oven Cleaning

Maintaining a microwave is easy. The first rule is to wipe any spill at once using a cloth dip in water with detergent then drying it with another cloth or a paper towel. Unfortunately, not everyone has the diligence to do this after using the oven causing the spills to dry and leave spots and stains inside that are hard to remove.

The trick to remove the spots and grime inside the Microwave Oven is to loosen them. To do this, boil a cup of a special homemade acid solution inside the microwave. This home made solution can be a cup of water plus vinegar or water plus chops of lemon, lime or orange. Boil the solution inside the microwave for a few minutes (5- 10 minutes). Heating the special solution will release water steams that will loosen the grime while the acetic acid of the vinegar, lemon or lime disinfects and deodorizes the appliance.

Leave the oven to cool down first for a few minutes before opening the microwave oven. Remove and clean the grime using a soft cloth or paper towel. Do not use abrasive pads which will scratch the inside surface of the oven. An alternative to the acetic acid solution is a baking soda solution. Instead of using vinegar, one can put baking soda instead to create the solution and basically follow the same steps.


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