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Microwave Cooking Techniques

Some simple techniques that you can apply while cooking with your microwave can accelerate cooking time, improve the look of food and ensure that food is cooked evenly, retaining its natural nutrients and flavors.

Covering food while cooking in the microwave will reduce cooking tirne, and help retain freshness and moisture in the food. It is also an effective way to keep your microwave free from splattering of food. Vegetables can be cooked in boiling or roasting bags. Pierce the bag in a few places first before placing in the microwave.

Cooking in the microwave draws out the moisture content offood onto the cooking surface. Therefore it becomes important to wrap foods that need to be moist or dry while cooking in a correct manner.

– Vegetables – Potatoes and corn, can be wrapped in aluminum foil, which will absorb the moisture and prevent them from getting soggy.
– Meat – Wrap in aluminum foil basically to avoid splattering on the microwave walls. Ensure that the paper is removed immediately or it will stick to the food.

While cooking in the microwave, the food that is in the center of the dish may cook a little slowly, so stirring is an important technique to make sure that the food is cooked uniformly. Stirring should be from the outside edges towards the inner areas. Stirring is a very important technique that should be used while reheating or defrosting food. While cooking gravies or sauces in the microwave, stir at intervals to avoid formation of lumps.

Food with skins or membranes can explode while cooking in the microwave due to build up of steam, so it is very important to pierce them before you place them in the microwave.

– Vegetables and fruits – pierce with a fork or sharp knife.
– Meat and fish – pierce the thickest part of the flesh with a knife to prevent exploding and ensure even cooking.
– Egg yolk – can be pierced with a cocktail stick or toothpick.

Arranging food is a technique used in microwave cooking to ensure even cooking of food. Place thicker, fleshier items of food like meat, at the edge of the cooking platter and delicate foods like vegetables in the center. Space them out evenly so that the heat reaches the food on the sides. Arrange fish head to tail and tuck the tails underneath to protect them from getting burnt.

Food that cannot be stirred while cooking in the microwave needs to be rearranged at intervals so that the heat is distributed evenly on all the food. Move the food from the edges of the cooking platter to the center and from the back to front so that none of the food items remain in the same position during cooking time.

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