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Le Mirage de Malate Condominium

The Le Mirage De Malate has an exact address at 2126 Mabini Street Malate Manila. Appropriate location of the place is the result of the developers extensive planning and study to come up with a perfect place like this. The Le Mirage de Malate condo is ranked as 247th most preferred hotel style property in the place of Malate. It has comfortable lodgings that offers to guest of the hotel, if prefer to stay in Malate better to stay in Le Mirage Hotel and will surely have the experience of the 5 star hotels like place.

The rooms of the Le Mirage condo have much variety of different rooms to choose from, comfort and style is their offer to their customers in this Le Mirage Malate condominium. This area can be considered as 2.5 star properties that cater to different folks in town. People who are constantly arriving and departing at the Manila International Airport, this place are perfect location for the visitors and residents of the residence. The 7.3 kilometers from the place to the Airport will surely give the visitors the hassle free environment once travelling the road from the place. Convenience is their offer to their clients who are regularly boarding the plane.

Pricing of the Le Mirage condo considers the most affordable of all the hotels in the area. The place also can be compare to the Orange Place Hotel, Hotel Sogo and other 2.5 star properties in the area. The attractive rates of the Le Mirage in Malate can be considered as the best deal in town. The rooms can select from 3 1 bedroom, and 2 2.5 bedrooms. Staying in the place can be an experience because they offer the best and comfort living that provides all the necessary amenities and luxurious every hotel has to offer. They are complete with the offers like cool air-conditioning system, with cable television, coffee/tea maker, DVD player to watch movie marathon while lying on the bed, internet access to check emails and other social media access has a minibar wanted to unwind and relaxed, and also the shower to relaxed the tired body.

The balcony/terrace in the place is the perfect spot in the place. Satellite cable TV has a 24/7 service to their cable costumers, every guestroom of the units will experience the high standard of comfort living at this luxury hotel of the Le Mirage Malate condominium. Everything they need in this hotel definitely can provide with their costumers, the indoor pool, and kids club, gym for the heath buff individuals to provide extra relaxation and comfort for the guest of the hotels. Anything wanted to do and will do will definitely provide by the le Mirage Malate Hotel. It creates a balance of rich culture and modern convenience for their guest and residents of the hotel.

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