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Kasara Urban Resort Residences Condominium – Pasig City

Kasara Urban Resort Residences, what comes to mind when uttering the word resort meaning a place to stay when needed to recharge and relax tired bodies, to have a minute away from the busy life in the workplace. Here in Kasara Urban Resort residences, it is not just a place to stay for a single day or two, but it is a place to stay forever if wanted to. It offers not just a resort area but a residential unit to stay for the whole family.

Kasara Urban Resort Residences Condo is located near C5 road, Eagle Avenue and P.E Antonio Streets Ugong Pasig City. It is a closed society of six residential towers with outstandingly multifaceted residential building. The brain of the project is none other than the Empire East, which is known from their collection of luxurious condominium residences, not just in the Metropolitan as well as in the Suburban Manila. Their projects in doing a condominium unit are well known to every people in this kind of business. They just not provide a beautiful high rise condo but also they provide a good and lasting relationship between clients and the management. This Kasara Urban Resort Residences is one of their projects to be placed in the center of Pasig City. The developer chose to placed the building to give more privacy and an entirely more safe and noise free environment for the soon owner of the unit.

Within the area of the place, can find different malls, the Eastwod City in Taguig, Origas Center, SM Supercenter, and Tiendesitas at Pasig, and for the daily needs of the households supermarket at the nearest place is available. Be at the center of the place by means of living in the Kasara Urban Resort Residences. Living in this kind of place is a wise thing to do for the unit buyer to decide. No need to worry on the safety and security of the building for it has extreme security personnel who watch the area night and day for 24/7.

Kasara Urban Resort Residences, named after the word KASARA it is a Sanskrit word meaning “lake” that is why the condominium has many surrounding waters in the area, it is a lake inspired natural pool; water has koi and turtle ponds, flowing streams, the waterfalls from the infinity pools flows freely on the pool. River paths along the way can be seen also at the lake, spring fountains can be an attraction to the residents, and the splashing bubblers truly an exciting view.
Deciding to live here at Kasara Urban Resort Residences is truly an amazing and rewarding experience to enjoy with the whole family.

Kasara Urban Resort Residences Condo Amenities:

  • Multipurpose Court
  • Large Actvity Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • Station Gardens
  • Meditation Gardens
  • Ponds
  • Water Features
  • Dog Parks
  • Play Grounds
  • Fitness Gym

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