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Iron Care

The best iron to use is the one that uses steam. Aside from removing creases easier, a steam iron removes lint clogging die iron and cloth.

Ironing can be dangerous. Always follow these rules:

  1. Never ever touch the plate of the iron. If you want to test whether the iron is on, sprinkle some water onto the plate and see if it sizzles.
  2. If you are going to stop ironing for even a short period, turn the iron off. If you leave the iron on and it topples over, it could start a fire.
  3. Be careful not to tangle the cord while you’re ironing. If you trip over the tangled cord, the hot iron could fall onto you.

When ironing, remember the following tips:

  1. Always read the instructions on each item. They will tell you what material the garment is made from and may give specific ironing instructions.
  2. Synthetic and silks should be ironed at a low to medium temperature.
  3. Woolen items should be ironed at a medium to high temperature.
  4. Cottons and linens should be ironed at a high temperature.
  5. Do not iron in a circular motion as this can stretch the garment.
  6. Always keep the iron moving. This avoids unseemly marks.
  7. When ironing a shirt, start with the collar, then the shoulder followed by the cuffs, the sleeves and the body. Finish by repressing the collar.
  8. When ironing trousers, pull the pockets out and iron them first. Then, iron the waist followed by each leg in turn.
  9. Linen items should be dampened slightly before being ironed.
  10. Always hang up the items immediately after they’ve been ironed. This will safeguard your clothes from being wrinkled again.

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