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How to Protect your Home?

Protecting one’s home is everybody’s business regardless of where you live or who you are. Protecting one’s home is natural because our home is our property. Foreign expats tend to have a special concern in protecting their homes in the Philippines in the erroneous assumption that the country is a dangerous place. As a country where the people are so hospitable, crime against foreigners are sensationalized by media attention. In as much as there are crimes against foreigners, there are in fact more crimes facilitated by foreigners in the Philippines, which go unreported because of the natural and special leniency of Filipinos towards foreign guests in the name of hospitality.

The first step to protect your home in the Philippines is not to buy a home in a place that is notoriously dangerous. In the same way that there are ghettos and Bronx in New York, there are small districts in the Philippines that are known dangerous because it is inhabited by squatters and the poor, who has the penchant to criminal activities. There are also places in the Philippines that even Filipinos themselves are fearful of because of negative news or publicity that it gets such as Maguindanao for the Ampatuan Masacre.

The second step to protecting your home in the Philippines is to leave a trustworthy friend or relative who can stay in the house. This does not mean that one needs to hire a security guard. What is important here is that you leave a person or relatives you personally know and trust. Filipinos put premium on trust especially from a foreigner. To give trust however, one should be equally trustworthy.

The third step to protecting your home is to install alarm systems and CCTV cameras. These are often available in leading hardware stores. The installation of alarm systems and CCTV is a common practice especially in big houses of the rich. It would advisable to install alarm detectors in windows because thieves do not normally get in through the front door. Thieves in the Philippines are usually petty and incited by poverty. Thus, these thieves prey on the houses of the rich people. And most local thieves deemed foreign expats as rich.

Other ways to protect your home while you are away is to have a dog. In which case, you should also leave a person whom you trust to take care and feed the dog while you are out of the house.

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