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Imagine life without appliances. Imagine the convenience of washing and drying your clothes in minutes or correcting a manuscript straight to the computer without having to retype the whole document. Imagine life without your favorite soap opera, not being able to know what’s happening, around the world through news. No doubt, appliances are the best assistants to get things done in a faster and more efficient manner.

But while major appliances make our lives easier, they also pose significant risks if not maintained properly. We will explain how you can best protect your family and property from some of the most common hazards.

The average homeowner has several thousands invested in major appliances. We will show you how to get the most value of your money although in due time, all appliances, like human lives, break down. You can either choose to have the defective parts replaced and repaired or buy a new one. If you were to ask a professional and honest handyman, he would advise that _you buy a new one since they are covered by a year warranty.

Nevertheless, we will also provide tips on minimizing your appliances’ consumption of expensive electricity and gas since these are factors too that determine the durability of your appliances. (Like people, appliances need to exercise and rest.) Finally, we will help you save on maintenance and repair by explaining some things you can do yourself without hiring a handyman.

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