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Gateway Regency Condominium – Robinsons Land Mandaluyong

Gateway Regency Condominium is located at the prime lot of EDSA and Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. It has a 33 residential storey-tower to choose from, with an area of 2959sqm of lot of the Robinsons Cybergate Complex. Gateway Regency Condo consists of 331 residential units. Many units to choose from; comes from different sizes and type of rooms to choose from the Gateway Regency, the 1 bedroom with an area of 31.40sqm with unit at B,C,E,F,G,H,J and K in the building.

It has a balcony with a size of 2.50sqm, which gives the total of a 1 bedroom of 33.90sqm. There are 80 available units offered in one bedroom to choose from. When it comes to the 2-bedroom units, they are available at units A and L in the building which consist of 64.20sqm and the balcony which measures up to 6.25sqm, with a total area of 70.45sqm. This has a total of 32 units all in all, and for the scheme B, there are 31 units and can be found at units D and I the unit sizes comprises of 88.70sqm plus the balcony with an area of 7.72sqm that gives a total area of 96.42sqm,for the scheme C has a 12 units in the building B and G with an area of 62.80sqm has a ledge provided with 5.00sqm that also gives a total area of 67.80sqm and for the 2 bedroom of scheme D with 12 units n all in building D and E has an area of 62.80sqm for the kedge which has an area of 5.00sqm with a total of 67.80sqm also. These and other parts of the units has a modern design in different concrete and glass façade that can easily attract residence and visitors to stay and live in this up to date building structure. A mixture of development and well-crafted arts that caters to the taste of the modern and sophisticated people that needs a change in their way of living.

The Gateway Regency condo by Robinsons is formerly known as the Two Gateway Place now it has changed into Gateway Regency that gives way, sophistication, and meaning to its present name. No doubt that the developer is none other the Robinson’s Land Corporation, which is known for their expertise in building a prestigious commercial and building structures in the land.

Gateway Regency Condominium is a place where anyone can feel the warmth and beauty of life the world has to offer. Conveniences and relaxation rolled into one in this majestic place of Gateway Regency. Because life is a about being paid by conveniences and happiness if there’s the hard work and perseverance in a man’s life. Stay where the necessities and luxuries in life offers. The Regency Gateway is the best choice. Commercial Centers, Central Business Districts, Prestigious Schools, Different Shopping Malls and well–known Hospitals and most importantly the major thoroughfares are just a step away from the place.

Amenities and Facilities gives the utmost satisfaction of a residential condominium the Gateway has to offer. Latest facilities and amenities boast the residents the feeling of perfect home and relaxation. Comfort and security in Gateway Regency will experience and savor only at Gateway Regency in Mandaluyong City.

Gateway Regency Condo Amenities:

  • Adult Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Walking Path
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Children’s Playground
  • Multi-purpose Function Room
  • Gazebos
  • Barbeque pits


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