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Gas Range Cleaning Tips

Before embarking on cleaning an appliance, take the safety precautions first by making sure that all controls are turned off the appliance had been sufficiently cooled. Again the first rule to keeping cooking appliances clean is to immediately wipe any spills using a water, detergent and soft cloth.

These spills will dry and stain if left unattended and would be very hard to remove in time. Cleaning the gas range mainly requires soap (detergent) or liquid solution, water and a soft cloth or sponge. A separate cloth for drying should also be prepared. This is used for the burner bases, burner bowls, knobs, control panel, stainless steel surfaces, brass trim, and oven interiors. Do not use abrasives or brass cleaners in any of these parts. The only parts of the gas range wherein we use different cleaning devices are the Char grill grate and flavor plates in which we can use soft bristle brush (e.g. old tooth brush) or a scrub to scrape or remove burned debris. Before doing this, make sure that the char is completely turned off or cooled.

Cleaning your gas range is easy. It just takes diligence and patience. Maintaining the cleanliness of the gas range is important not merely for aesthetic purposes but for sanitary purposes because food debris left in the range can invite mouse, rats, fungi and other bacteria. Moreover, cleaning the gas range regularly will also extend its service life.

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