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Dressing Baby

His clothes should be simple and comfortable. Also look for features that facilitate dressing. Don’t buy too much in the smallest size. Babies grow quickly, and experienced moms will tell you to buy at least one size up.

To put on Baby’s shirt, insert your fingers in one of the sleeves and guide his hand through. His shirt goes on one arm at a time. (If the shirt is close and sleeveless, pull it over his head first, then insert the arms.) Smooth the shirt under his back by rolling Baby on his side. Put a fresh diaper on and pin it, taking care it is not too tight or too loose.

Care of Diapers

Use a 2-gallon covered plastic pail half-filled with water. After changing Baby, rinse the wet diaper in clean water and drop it in the pail. Rinse soiled diapers or scrape the contents off into the toilet before you flush and drop the diaper in the pail. Diapers should be washed each day. They should be rinsed thoroughly, at least 4 rinses in clear water.

How to Weigh Your baby

Take your weight first then carry your baby and weigh yourselves both. Deduct the results from your actual weight.

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