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Dishwasher Care

Most dishes can go from the table to the dishwasher without a stop at the sink. Some dishwashers also come equipped with special cleaning cycles that automatically adjust by the soil level of the dishes in order to save water and energy.

Wait until you have a full load before running the dishwasher. When loading the dishwasher, make sure no dishes obstruct the rotating spray arms.

Load more fragile items in the top rack. The highest-pressure jets are directed at the lower rack to help clean pots and utensils.

If you have a garbage disposal, make sure you run it before running the dishwasher. A clogged drain can cause a flood when the dishwasher drains.

If your dishwasher has a strainer or scrap bin in the bottom, clear it before running each load. If your dishwasher has a water heating option, use it. However, the dry cycle uses a lot of energy. When the air in the house is generally dry, you don’t need to use this option. Instead, when the dishwasher stops, open it and pull out both racks. Everything will be dry in about an hour.

If patches of rust begin to appear on the dishwasher racks, you can re-coat those spots with a rubber-like fluid available in hardware stores. You can also buy replacement tips that go over the damaged or sharp tips of the vertical prongs on the rack. If the rollers on the racks break or stop rolling, there are replacement rollers available that fit most brands. While complete replacement racks are usually available from the manufacturer, they are quite expensive.

If the small holes in the spray arms become clogged with mineral deposits, you can reopen them using hot vinegar and a safety pin.


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