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Diapering Baby

Various ways of folding Baby’s diaper, whether oblong or square make it possible to have just one size that will fit Baby at every stage of his development. If rubber panties used over regular diapers chafe his baby’s skin, they should not be used except for outings. To make trips and outings easier, there are fitted ones which fasten with tapes and also several types of disposable ones.

Place Baby on a quilted or plastic baby pad and remove the soiled diaper. Wash genitals from front to back with moistened cotton and pat dry with a towel. If Baby had a bowel movement, do not remove the diaper at once but fold the soiled portion under. Wipe his buttocks with moistened cotton and wash with soap and water, rinse and pat dry.

Apply lotion or oil to the genital area and buttocks with a piece of cotton, making certain to apply it in the creases and folds of the skin then powder lightly.

Lifting the Baby’s ankles between your thumb and middle finger, with your index finger between his ankles, raise his ankles high enough to slide a clean folded diaper under him. Pull the diaper up between the legs, with extra thickness in the back for girls and in front for boys. With the back overlapping the front, pin the diaper in each side, being careful to keep your finger next to Baby to avoid pricking him.

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