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Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash is a type of skin irritation caused by diapers. This occurs when pathogens like fungus and bacteria infect the skin that is enclosed by the diaper, usually at the buttocks and groin area of infants. The unfamiliar contaminants like bacteria cause the baby’s skin to reacts by becoming red, swollen and parched. In worst cases, stinging blisters may develop, which is irksome and hurting for the baby.

Aside from removing and momentarily avoiding using diapers for the baby, a common solution for diaper rash is by applying diaper rash cream to the infected skin areas to relieve the aching sensation and treat the rashes. The diaper rash cream alleviates and eliminates the diaper rash by directly killing the bacteria or fungus or yeast that caused the irritation. It also acts to sooth the swelling by moisturizing the skin. It eases the skin discomfort by reducing the itch and trim down the inflammation. Diaper rash creams also have ingredients that speed up the healing process by stimulates oxygen and blood circulation in the area to hasten skin tissue regeneration.

There are numerous diaper rash creams that are available in the market. While they basically contain similar healing ingredients, they vary in prices because of the added value that the different brands include in the cream such as organic ingredients, scented oils and other similar contents. Among the best diaper rash creams available in the market today included Babecology Diaper Balm, DEsitin, Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy, Tripple Paste, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, Dr. Sears, Mei Mei Baby Diaper(Nappy)Cream, Emuaid and Nature’s Baby Organic Diaper Cream, among others.

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