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Condo Security Tips

Practically all residential condo buildings in the Philippines are featured with a 24 hour security system. New condo buildings in fact are often equipped with CCTV cameras in strategic spots for continuous security surveillance and monitoring.

In spite of this, there are still instances when burglars are able to get into the units. Instead of relying solely on the security provided by the condo, it is therefore equally important to do one’s fair share in securing one’s condo unit.

The first step to do this is get organized. One should be actively involved in unit owner’s association to discuss security issues. For instance, the building management should ensure that proper lighting and locks in building gates are maintained.

Secondly, one should install new locks in the unit. This is usually provided by management for free. One of the common tricks used by thieves to get into the building is to press all buzzers on the outdoor panel at the same time.
Residents should always check these visitors and refrain from buzzing anyone they don’t know even people claiming to be a friend or visitor of a neighbor. Sliding glass doors are favorite entry points of burglars. They should be reinforced with rigid bars.

For visitors or guests knocking on one’s door, it is always advisable to peep through the peep hole to check and verify the visitor before opening doors.

Finally, some thieves time in their entry when a resident opens the main door of the building. Residents should not allow any stranger to enter the building with you. If that happens, reprimand the stranger or call for security and help.

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