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Condo Problems in the Philippines

The marketing of most real estate developers often portray urban living in condominiums as a life in paradise. One gets to live in a hotel like home or in a resort like vacation. Apparently, these developers hardly tell the people such as prospective buyers about the common problems associated with living in a condominium. Here under are some of the most common potential problems that condo unit dwellers face.

Noise. Noise is a major potential problem that condo dwellers can face especially if living beside an insensitive neighbor. Some neighbors have the habit of hosting parties playing loud music and having lots of people/ guests in their units while totally oblivious of the nuisance that it is creating and causing to other residents.

Guests. Sometimes, the guests or visitors of the unit owners are act as if they own the whole lot. They behave as if they own the place especially in common areas like lounges, etc. Some guests even look suspicious which can bother the other residents in the building.

Ownership. Resident owners of condo units do not own the whole unit (i.e. the walls, the floors, etc.) They only own the unit space. This in turn can restrict the dwellers use of the walls. For instance, one cannot simply drill in a nail on the wall to hang a painting or a picture because it might damage the wall which one shares with the neighbor.

Pets. Because units are a wall apart, pets can be a nuisance in terms of creating noises, bad smells or allergies to other neighbors.

Size. Condo units are generally small except for very luxurious ones, which obviously are very expensive. The limited space restricts everything you put in the unit including the size of ones sofa, bed, appliances, personal belongings (i.e. piano, billiard table) and other possessions. Whenever one buys something for the unit, size will always be a big consideration not to mention that the item might needed to be carried on the 26th floor.

Dues. Full payment of ones condo unit doesnt mean that one is saved from other monthly expenses related to the unit. One still needs to regularly pay the monthly association dues, reality tax of the unit, the land on which the building is erected and for common areas. In highly urbanized areas, one may also sometimes need to pay for parking.

Others. The taller the condo tower, the more vulnerable is the structure to the depredation of time and austere environmental circumstances. Thus, residents living in higher places who are unable to adjust to the artificial conditions may suffer from headaches and other tension.

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    Condo developers do tend to paint a pretty picture when it comes to condo living, but when you think about it, what developer, condo or otherwise, doesn’t? That’s why it’s important to inspect the property yourself before buying or renting it. This helps eliminate the “why didn’t I see this before?” element when you finally move in.

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