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Condo for Growing Family

Living in condominiums is the modern trend in urban living which is especially appealing to showbiz personalities, politicians, rich businessmen, and young professionals. Condos are also enticing to young couples wanting to raise a family in a modern residential community, which is often located near commercial and business districts. Because condo units have relatively limited spaces, it is especially ideal for small families with one or two children. What happens if the family size keeps on growing, then space would definitely be a problem. A studio unit would be good enough for a couple but with an offspring; the studio unit would apparently be unsuitable. This is especially true if the child starts to grow up and both the couple and their child would want space and privacy.

The first solution to addressing this issue is proper planning. Young couple planning to raise a family in a residential condo should consider investing on a two or three bedroom condo unit depending on how many children are they planning to have. The more children they plan to have, the bigger or the more bedrooms that unit should have. While a bigger three bedroom condo unit would apparently be more expensive, it would still be a better option because buying a bigger unit later on when the need arises would definitely be more expensive. As we all know, values of real estate properties appreciate, future inflation and devaluation of peso would further increase prices of condos in the future. More over, it would be difficult to buy in the future because as the children grow older, expenses grow bigger as well.

If the young couple was unable to plan earlier and was suddenly faced with the problem of finding space in their condo unit because of a growing family, then the next option is to upgrade to a bigger condo unit. If the couple is filthy rich, then simply buy a three-bedroom condo unit where there is available. If money is a problem, then sell the present small condo unit and use the money to buy a new bigger condo unit. In buying the new bigger unit, the couple should consider the amenities and facilities that are especially made for children. There are numerous condo complexes that are family oriented. In which case, it would also be worthwhile to look at condo complexes in the outskirts of Manila, where condo units are often bigger and is part of a community complex.

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