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Coffee Maker Care

Coffeemakers are cooking appliances that is used to brew coffee without having to separately boil water in another device. One pours both the coffee grains and the water in this single device and coffee is made. Coffee makers are popular in offices because drinking coffee is a common way to combat sleepiness, which is very common in the call center companies.

The smell of the freshly brewed coffee alone can already wake you up. Because of which, coffee makers are one of the most neglected appliances in the offices that works practically 24 hours a day. Hereunder are some tips on taking care of the coffee maker.

  • The coffee maker should be placed on a flat and dry surface that is resistant to heat. It should not be placed on top of another appliance. It should be placed on stable area or table which is around five inches away from walls.
  • It should be place in an corner where it is near an outlet with the proper voltage without using extension cords that is susceptible to be tripped upon.
  • Do not leave the coffee maker plugged or on especially when there is no water to boil. Use only water. Do not put any food or other liquids.
  • Avoid moving the coffee maker when it contain a hot liquids. Let it cool down first before moving.
  • It should be regularly maintained to prevent lime scale deposits to accumulate and clog the vents. This can be done by boiling a solution of white wine vinegar and water in its tank. After which leave the solution on the tank for an hour for it to have time to loosen remove the flakes. Rinse this by boiling water at least two or three times until the smell of the vinegar is gone.
  • Another way to avoid buildup of lime scale and mineral deposits is by using distilled water for brewing. On the other hand, some coffee makers have in-line water filter, which filters the minerals that causes the lime scales. Please note that the filter should be changed regularly.
  • Aside from changing the water filter, other things that may need regular cleaning and replacement is the filter basket of the coffee beans or grains, which can leave crumbs, which can spoil in the long run.
  • If the coffee maker is no longer capable of boiling water usually in less than 30 minutes, there is something wrong with the machine. Do not use or attempt to repair the device but unplug its electricity and immediately call the authorized service center for repair it. The authorized service center nearest you is usually written in the warranty card of the appliance.

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