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Checklist of Most Common Appliance Problems

Certainly do not fail to take all the preventive maintenance measures you are supposed to do to take care of your appliances. If the owner’s manual calls, for example, for regular defrosting, or periodic cleaning, or removal of lint from appliance screens and filters, do these things on schedule. To remind yourself, compile a special calendar for maintenance measures on your household appliances and post it in a prominent place.

Study from the start the owner’s manual, which came with the appliance. Keep a file of all these manuals for the lifetime of the respective devices and machines. They are your number 1 source of information on how to operate an appliance properly, what to check if something goes wrong, common errors to avoid, etc. Merely reading each instruction booklet could eliminate the need for half the appliance service calls you are bound to make.

Before you call in a serviceman, check the electric plug to make sure the appliance is plugged in firmly. Also check dials, buttons, switches, and safety valves, to make sure they haven’t been accidentally pushed in the wrong direction. And check appropriate fuses both in the appliance and in the cellar to make sure they have not blown.

For quick reference, here’s a chart of today’s most common appliance problems – and what to do about them before you call a service man.

Automatic washer Problem:
Motor won’t go Won’t fill

Automatic washer Checklist:
Fuse – is the problem in the washer fuse box?
Plug – is it in outlet?
Is water turned on?

Automatic dryer Problem:
Slow drying
Runs noisily

Automatic dryer Checklist:
Overloaded lint screen.
Insufficient fuse rating.
Too heavy loads.
Too wet clothes.
Dryer resting unevenly on floor.
Loose belt.

Vacuum cleaner Problem:
Cleans poorly

Vacuum cleaner Checklist:
Clogged nozzle.
Hose obstruction.
Very full bag.
Bag needs replacing.

Toaster Problem:
Release won’t work

Toaster Checklist:
Mechanism may be jammed with crumbs, raisins, etc. Clean every two weeks by sliding out trap or turning toaster upside down.

Electric range Problem:
Oven or elements won’t heat

Electric range Checklist:
Main cartridge in house fuse box may be blown.

Refrigerator Problem:
Doesn’t keep food cold
Food freezes in refrigerator compartment

Refrigerator Checklist:
Poor door seal.
Door left open too long, too often.
Thermostat set too high.
Thermostat set too low


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