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Cambridge Village Condominium Pasig

The Cambridge Village condominium is located and situated at Pasig City Philippines, it is a mid-rise residential condominium unit that has French inspired architectural designs and has a land area of 7.4 hectares of land. It comprises of more than 27 buildings. They offer a wide variety of different residential units these are the bedroom loft-style has a floor area of 40 square meter of space amounting to PHP1.0 M, the studio middle unit has an area of 30 square meter with an average of PHP0.9 M, the studio end unit has a floor area of 30 square meters amounting to PHP0.9 M two-bedroom flat unit has an area of 50 square meter worth more or less to PHP1.5M, the studio corner has a floor area measuring 34 square meter amounting to PHP1.0M, these are the sizes and amount every single unit of the Cambridge Village, any prices may be change without prior notice of the management. Unlike any other units available in the market today, these are more affordable and anyone can avail the prices. The Cambridge Village is a breakthrough concept in affordable urban housing. And the middle class family will surely enjoy the comforts and city lifestyle way of life.

The Features and Amenities of the Cambridge Village condo are as follows:
Play right at home in your own swimming pool or tennis court, have fun with your family and friends at the Clubhouse with a gym, Pray in your own Chapel, Shop for your daily needs at the Cambridge Village Center, reach Makati, Artigas or Eastwood City easily with your own bus shuttle service, rely on a professional team to keep your community safe and well maintained-so you can enjoy life’s riches with your love ones.

Cambridge Village Condominium Pasig can be access through jeep, take the Crossing –Angono, FX taxi take the Edsa Central with sign board Angono/Binangonan floodway, for the tricycle just say Rosario Bridge East bank road, for the shuttle service this will be provided by the East Bank Road to Cambridge Village vicinity. The best reasons why living in Cambridge Village condo is that it is close to where wanted to be, it is an excellent location in residential district of choice, The workplaces Ortigas Eastwood and the Makati area are just a minute away from the comfy ort of own home. Accessible also for the schools like UP, Ateneo, Miriam College, Lourdes and Xavier School. The finest shopping malls, dining, places recreational centers, are also within reach.

In buying condominium units one has to consider the many factors that affects everyday living, in Cambridge Village Park everything is sets to be perfectly fine. One can have a relaxing and enjoyable stay in these luxurious condominium units.

Cambridge Village Condominium Pasig Amenities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis court
  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Chapel
  • Cambridge Village Center
  • Bus Shuttle Service

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