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Buying a Condo in the Philippines

Buying a condo is not only about buying a place to stay and reside. A condo is also an investment because it is a real estate whose value appreciates over time. Thus, it can also be sold in the future and make some money. When it comes to buying condominium, it always boils down to a good location. While most condo units are located in strategically in urban areas, which is accessible to important conveniences and institutions, the buyer should consider the particular institutions that is proximate the condo unit. Say for instance the condo is near an international school, do you really plan of sending your child in an international school? If not, then accessibility to such school is not really a factor. A condo that is strategically near a golf club is not also a plus factor if on the first place, you donít play nor intend of playing golf. In other words, the strategic location of the condo only matters to you if the said conveniences accessible to you will really address your needs and plans.

Condo units are often build around a masterplan, which incorporates commercial and business use, entertainment facilities in a self sufficient community. A self contained community is ideal for a condo purchaser who enjoys everything to be within oneís rich. However, a person who wants an active and adventurous lifestyle and enjoys going out in different places, the masterplan community is not that important. What is important for this type of dwellers is a good and safe place to go back to and not a place where one will spend his whole day everyday within the vicinity for the rest of his life.

All residential condominiums basically provide the same amenities, facilities, services and other requirements to support urban modern living. All developers claim that they are the best and that they will provide the most convenient, the most luxurious and the secured place. It is therefore important for a condo purchases to check on the reputation of the developer to verify the truth and sincerity of its claims. Moreover, one should also measure if the convenience, luxury and lifestyle that these developers are planning actually fits the kind of convenience, luxury or lifestyle that you wish to have or that you can afford for that matter.

The best way to buy a condo unit is through a trustworthy and knowledgeable licensed real estate broker. Brokers can actually provide you with correct information that highlights strengths and weaknesses of a condo unit. However, such information apparently comes with a price. If you can go directly to the developer or you know somebody in the real estate developing company, then that would help you in reducing the price of the unit that you are buying. Finally, much like buying any other commodity, make sure that the condo unit that you will buy provides a great after-sales service, which you can conveniently contact in case of certain concerns and issues you want to discuss or address.

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