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Benefits of Condo Life

If there is anything that sets condominium buildings favorably apart from other types of residence, it is its strategic location. Condominiums are built in strategic areas usually in the heart of an urban center where available housing is rare and land property is expensive for one to buy and have one’s house erected. Living in a condominium allows its residents to be located advantageously to all that one needs such as work, schools, hospitals, entertainment and shopping centers and other important institutions. Everything that one needs becomes easily accessible which is further beneficial for two reasons, namely, it saves in transportation and energy cost, whose price is expected to continue to rise in the future; and it saves in time, which is critical for a modern individual because there simply is too many things to do with much little time in life.

The second most important benefit of condo life is the amenities and greeneries. Condo units are constructed with built in amenities and features that are especially made to fit the different lifestyles of different people. For those who enjoy the easy lifestyle, there are the spas and gardens where one can relax and hangout. For those who are into the active lifestyle, there are gyms, jogging paths and swimming pools where one can exercise. For those enjoying the outgoing lifestyle, there are commercial spaces, restaurants and even clubs adjacent the condo communities where one can spend time. For music lovers, there could be a music room available where one can practice and play instruments. Condos are specially designed to comprehensively cater as many varied lifestyles that a person might want.

The least yet the most significant benefit of a condo life is one’s implicit and unconscious contribution to the optimal use of precious and scarce land properties of the earth and generally to the environment. Condo buildings optimize the use of land by allowing 100 or more families to fit in a small parcel of land by creating towering residential units. These 100 or more families could have instead bought pieces of lands that could otherwise been used for agricultural purposes. By living in condo units, residents indirectly contribute to the reduction of the conversion of land for residence, which could otherwise be used for agricultural production.

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