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Bathing Your Baby

Your infant doesn’t need much bathing if you wash the diaper area thoroughly during diaper changes. If she is bathed more frequently, it may dry out her skin.

It is advisable to bathe Baby at a fairly regular time. Many mothers find it convenient to bathe Baby usually before the mid-morning feeding (Don’t give a bath immediately after feeding.) The room should be warm. Water should be comfortably warm; test it with your elbow if no thermometer is available. Baby should be handled gently and securely.

Until Baby’s navel or circumcision is healed, Baby’s bath should be sponge baths. These should be his first baths and your doctor will tell you when you can start giving a full tub bath. It would be convenient to assemble the following supplies on a table before you start:

Basin of warm water
Baby powder
Soft wash clothe
Large bath towel to cover baby
Mild soap
Small soft towel with which to cover his head
Cotton swabs or cotton balls (in jar with a cover)
Baby lotion
Baby oil
Safety pins

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