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Baby Developmental Milestones

1 month
– Lifts head briefly when lying on stomach.
– Responds to Sound.
– Blinks at bright lights.
– Stares and focuses at faces.
– Follows objects moved about 6 to 10 inches from face.
– Turns towards familiar voices and sounds.
– Smiles and laughs in response to you.

2 months

– Follows objects with eyes.
– Babbles.
– On stomach, holds head up for a few minutes. Turns from side to back.
– Raise chest and head (do a mini push up) while on stomach.
– Reaches for an object.
– Rolls over one way.
– Brings both hands together.

3 to 4 months
– On stomach, lifts head and chest, supported by forearms. Lifts head when lying on back.
– Holds head steady when upright.
– By 4 months, on stomach, Baby can lift head and shoulders high, arms straight for support. Rolls from stomach to back.
– Laughs loud and smiles.
– Opens and shuts hands.
– Kick Legs.
– Squeals and coos in delight.
– Does small mini pushups.
– Bats at toys.
– Reaches for toys and objects.
– Rolls over.

5 to 6 months

– Sleeps with palms open.
– Passes object from one hand to the other.
– Tries to get toy or object that is out of reach.
– On stomach, extends legs and arms, arches back, rocks.
– On back, lifts head and shoulders.
– Supported on feet, bounces up and down.
– By six months, Baby can sit without support.
– Starts learning how to crawl.
– Starts crawling.
– Sits unsupported for several minutes.
– Feeds self a cracker.
– Babbles and combines two syllable sounds.
– Separation and stranger anxiety may begin.

7 to 8 months

– Rocks back and forth on hands and knees.
– May creep, may pull up to standing.
– Start crawling or lunging forward.
– Play peek-a-boo.
– Distinguishes emotions by your tone of voice.
– Stand while holding onto something.
– Clap hands.

9 to 10 months

– Crawls on hands and knees, limbs straight, trunk parallel to floor.
– Makes stepping movements when held in walking position.
– Crawls up stairs.
– Cruises, holding onto furniture.
– Tries to climb.
– Stands while holding onto something.
– Learns how to walk.
– Drinks from a cup or bottle independently.

11 to 12 months

– Stands well at 11 months.
– Can walk with assistance at 11 months.
– Stoops and squats.
– At 1 year, Baby takes first unaided steps.
– Indicate what he or she wants with gestures other than crying.
– Imitate others.
– Put toys or object into a container.
– Babble more clearly.
– Indicate wants with gestures other than crying.
– Fearful of strangers.

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