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Avida Towers Intima Condominium Manila

Set to rise in Paco Manila, which is known for its historical significance since the Spanish times, Avida Towers Intima is a low dense condo tower that was designed to balance a dynamic lifestyle of urbanized living and the comfort and ease or bucolic living.

Located along Quirino Avenue Extension, Avida Towers Intima condo tower offers unrivaled accessibility and amenities to its residents for its proximity to business, education and leisure institutions and districts making it an ideal home for families and young professionals. Avida Towers Intima Condominium is close to the Makati central business district and practically anywhere in the national capital region for its immediacy to major thoroughfares. Among the known institutions in the area included St. Peter Chinese High School, Manila Science High School, Adamson University, Unilever and Robinsons Otis. On the other hand, the Paco Park, Church and Market are among the Historical Landmarks within its vicinity.

The Avida Towers Intima will be installed with four Elevator units servicing all floors. All condo units will have their own mailboxes located at the lobby. A water reservoir is installed for unremitting water supply especially during summer. Generators are installed to provide stand-by power for common areas. Garbage chute are provided for easy waste disposal.

In case of fire accidents, a fire alarm system & sprinklers automatically turns on to prevent further damage and warn residents. And because car parking is really a problem in Manila, the building provides 3 levels of podium parking. For security, a CCTV camera is installed at the lobby. Retail and commercial shops are located in Ground Level for the convenience of the residents. Finally, in line with environmental sustainability, the building was design to allow natural free-flowing ventilation and lighting.

Much like any condo unit, Avida Towers Intima Condominium prides itself of its must have amenities. It both have Adult & Kiddie Pools to cater the needs of both adults and children. A grand lawn is situated for holding picnics on the ground and bathing under the sun. A designated play area for children is provided to ensure their safety. Outdoor Gym Equipment is provided for rigorous physical training. This is supplemented by a jogging path to keep residents physically healthy. A clubhouse and a lounge area is provided where residents can chill. Finally a viewing deck is provided for residents to enjoy the scenic beauty of the metropolis. At Avida Towers Intima, quality does not come with a cost, a philosophy that only its developers can take pride.

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