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2301 Civic Place Condominium Alabang

The most developed and urbanized city in Metro is Muntinlupa City. Now the 2301 Civic Place condo Alabang can be found at the southern part of Metro Manila, with complete address at 2301 Civic Drive Filivest Corporate City Alabang Muntinlupa City. Southern part in the city is not that polluted place compare to the center of the metro. Living in Civic Place Alabang is p eaceful and relaxing moment for the residents to enjoy. Choosing to live in this place gives life a meaning to savor and be thankful for.

2301 Civic place condo is the right choice that puts the residents at the center of Southern Metro Manila‘s premier satellite city, and introduce the center of culture and commerce for the people who are craving for development. Since the place is located at planned spot, planning to put up a business is not difficult. The location is perfect and designed for office and clinic purposes aside from the main purpose which is the condominium. The units are open for business if wanted to own just to put up a business in the selected units of the building. Others are being occupied by doctors, entrepreneurs and other unit owner which venture in a variety of professions and business.

The place is affordable for the middle income earner and for those people trying to change their lifestyle to own a presentable house for their hard earned assets for their family and to prove for themselves that everything can achieve by means of perseverance and determination.

2301 Civic Place condo is a 12 storey commercial/office and residential condominium designed primarily with small office to have a privacy and convenience of residential units like individual toilets and bathrooms and provision for pantry. The ground floor is provided for commercial/retail outlet and the four podiums are committed for parking and seven levels are used as flexible office studios. Aside from the units the architectural and interiors of the place was designed to provide a supple efficient workplace that goes beyond traditional office spaces. The windows are reflective glasses that provide natural lightning glasses provide the exterior views in every unit. The units can be combined according to the needs and wishes of the residents. It is flexible for the owner to arrange the unit just the way they wanted.

Amenities facilities of the 2301 Civic place includes the 24/7 security center in the area, the passenger elevator/service provides a convenient mobility for the residents, the integrated multi-level parking spaces provides the residents the security and protection of their cars, the connection of the internet is not a problem because there is a provision for the cable, television and internet connection, the standby generators are on their selected places, there’s also an individual pigeon holes for the snail mail, water shortage is not a problem because the underground and overhead water storage tanks is always available for the residents in the building. Other amenities and facilities can be found on the building send they can use and enjoy.

Prices of the 2301 Civic place condo are not a problem because they offer different payment scheme that suits the budget of the one who wishes to buy the units.

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